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Free Stuff With Your Mobile can be Really Cool Like Free Laptops

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I just signed up to a cell phone contract, it lasts 24 months though. The reason that I decided to sign on the dotted line is that I get a brand new laptop computer with the contract, for no extra cash! Also I added a walk around connection broadband deal too, this means that I now have a certain amount of cash going out of my account every month for the phone, broadband and internet access – easy to plan for and totally predictable every month. The contracts that have mobile phones with free laptops are quite varied and I had to search hard for the details that I needed to make an informed choice – I didn’t just buy the first one I saw!
You see soon after I started looking I noticed that the figures didn’t always stack up, I quickly realised that the laptops weren’t exactly free and chasing one down for the sake of it was an emotional decision not a pragmatic one. The calculations that I did showed me that I was still paying for the laptop within the price of the call plan, but as I was in the market for a new laptop anyway I continued to look. That having been said, I did quickly have a look at laptops on a hire purchase agreement just to see what I would be paying if I bought it separately. You see I don’t have the money to buy a laptop outright so this seemed like a great way forward.

Many shops and websites are offering a bewildering array of phones with ‘free’ gifts attached to certain call plans, for instance I found the Nokia N8 Vodafone and the Blackberry Torch 3G Orange available but not with laptops, which was a shame, nice phones. Once you have a couple of options in front of you, the next step is definitely to use the comparison websites to confirm that the phone part of the deal is a good deal. Then check the network coverage in your area and be sure that you fully understand the costs and contract lengths. If all is good then sign up and enjoy your new phone and laptop.

3D TV, without glasses?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

With the recent release of 3D TV’s it begged the question, “When will there be 3D TV’s with no glasses?” Well my friends, we have news that there will be 3D TV’s available later on this year, but with good news inevitably comes some bad news, they are only going to be available in Japan. Sorry to have built up any ones hopes here.

With all this about 3D TV’s you can only begin to think about other things that we use in daily life like mobile phones. Yes! That’s it! What about 3D mobile phones? Well again a Japanese company are set to be releasing a 3D smart-phone later this year, that company is Sharp. They’re Japan’s biggest mobile phone maker, even above Samsung who many people would argue have made better phones than any that Sharp have released.

It then in some ways brings the question to those of you that are fans of HTC, the Taiwanese giants, when are they going to think of releasing something like that? After all they were the first company to release a handset in HD and they have now started slowly turning all their handsets over to HD, like their new HTC HD7.

After the success that HTC had with the HD2 they have decided to release another HTC HD handset with Windows Mobile 7 and they have brought out a HD version of their very popular HTC Desire.
If you like the sound of these HD handsets then why not pay a visit to Top10.com and check out some of the HTC HD7 deals that they have on their site as well as some other great handset deals!

Use of Devices for Safety

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

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